Sunday, November 2, 2014

If you have ever ran out of gas, you NEED to read this!

Hi, hi!

Whew, it is cold in the cold fields today!  We had our first below freezing temp last night .. 28 degrees.  Accckk!  How are thing in your neck of the woods?

Okay on with my review!

Have you ever ran your car out of gas?  Yeh, me too.  The first time, I hadn't had my car for very long, I found out the hard way that when the fuel needle is on E, it meant you had already ran out of gas.  The other time   .. okay... the next 3 times... (hideous I know)  I thought I could make it to the next gas station.  WRONG!  
The last time I ran out of gas was about 6 years ago.  My car stopped right on the Interstate.  Yep, that scare the carp out of me!  I have a small car and those semi's coming up behind me going 70 MPH, then having to swerve over at the last minute was quite spooky.  I had to call the police, they had to call a tow service, it was quite a memorable occasion!  Thankfully, I lived to tell about it!

Although I PLAN on never running out of gas again, I take comfort in the fact that I have Spare Fuel in my trunk.  

I really think it is a good idea for everyone to have a bottle of Spare Fuel, because... well... one just never knows when they might have a lapse in judgement.  Ha!  Or, how nice would it be, if you saw a stranded motorist that thought they could make it to the next gas station, and you were able to help them out!

Spare Fuel is safe for any gas powered vehicle, generator, or small engines.

Take a little worry out of your life, get yourself some Spare Fuel !



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