Friday, May 20, 2016

Shop Shoplet for Your Office Supply Needs!


I recently had the privilege of reviewing:
Pentel Retractable Gel Pens 
as well as:
Pentel Mechanical Drafting Pencils

Both of these great products were provided to me by Shoplet.  

( If you haven't yet heard of Shoplet, let me tell ya, you want to check them out!  They are the #1 e-tailer of business, office, home, and medical needs!)

 The Pentel Retractable Gel Pen is just lovely to write with.  It flows smoothly and inspires me to make my writing more creative!

Isn't it pretty!?

The Pentel Mechanical Drafting Pencils are also quite attractive and a pleasure to use.

 You know, standing in line at a pencil sharpener, just isn't as cool as it use to be back in the day!  ha!  My grandchildren all insist on mechanical pencils, and I can see why!

These Pentel Pens and Mechanical Pencils would make a great graduation gift, or off to college gift!

Shoplet offers many other products such as; Office supplies -
Cleaning Supplies  -  Medical Supplies  -  Office Furniture and of course; Pentel products

It is quite amazing all the products Shoplet carries!  Do yourself a favor and check them out!  It is so convenient to be able to shop one place for many every day as well as special need items.

Learn more about Shoplet by following their social networks.  They post give-aways on these pages also, so that is a great reason to follow!


Wishing Much Love and Happiness to You All!


I was provided these products at no charge in exchange for my review.  I received no other form of compensation.



Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hair Straightener Brush Review


Thank you for stopping by!   We appreciate your continued support. :)

I am fairly certain most of you have seen or at least heard about the newest hair tool craze; the straightener brush.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to review one!

company photo
 Haley (16) and I both reviewed this straightener brush, as we both have naturally curly hair; Haley more so than I.  We were both very excited to give this a go.

We both agreed that for us, this is a half-way straightener.  We did not obtain the sleek flatness we do with a flat iron.  However, we do like to use this, as it seems gentler on our hair than a flat iron.

Plus, brushing ones hair is relaxing.  For me, this is great for frizzy fly aways.  It doesn't leave our hair feeling fried, but rather soft.

This definitely has a place in my hair routine, and on days when I don't want my hair super straight, I use this and it does make my hair look nice.

It has an LED display in C or F.  

One benefit of this brush is there is less or a chance of getting burned.  

I like it, I use it often.  I think it is worth giving it a try!

I received this product at little or no charge in exchange for my review.

Wishing Much Love and Happiness to you All!


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Premium Gold Beauty Bar 24k Lift Bar Review

Hello All,

I hope today finds you well! We are doing great here.  Fabrizzio's favorite soccer team is playing tonight, so we are all geared up for that; jersey and all!

Today's review is a beaut!  Not only does this Lift Bar make my face feel softer, but it is pretty to look at! :)

So, one puts moisturizer on their face and then uses this vibrating bar to massage their face.

I find it soothing, and I really feel a difference in how my moisturizer feels.  It doesn't feel like it sits on the surface of my skin when I use this lift bar, it feels like it gets down into the layers of my skin.

The Hematite stone on the ends of the bar helps with acupuncture points and increased blood flow, which is essential to healthy skin.

I like this, I use this, I think you will too!  :)

Lift Bar may be purchased on Amazon.  Includes batteries, and red pouch for storing.

I received this product at little or no cost in exchange for my honest review.

Wishing Much Love and Happiness to you All!