Tips & Tricks!

Hi!  I hope ya'll are doing well today!  It is pouring the rain down here in Ohio, seeing how it is the first day of soccer practice, I guess one could have expected it!

Today I thought I would share with you something that I came up with yesterday.  I'm not sure if I 'invented' it on not, (lol) but I've not read it before.

Most of you have probably seen how to use a magnet strip attached to your medicine cabinet to hold bobby pins.  But, my medicine cabinet is wood, so that is a no-go for me, plus I really don't want to buy a pack of magnet strips for a few stray bobby pins.

But, what I do have is MAGNETS!  I'm a magnet freak, if a company has a magnet I pick one (or two) of them up.  Most of them are not strong enough on their own to hold a piece of paper on the fridge, so you usually need two.

Now, getting back to the bobby pins.  I, do not use bobby pins.  I do however have a lovely granddaughter and two beautiful nieces.  When they leave my apartment, their bobby pins stay!  They (the bobby pins) end up on the bathroom counter, the floor, or on my make up table.

Anyway, I was gathering up bobby pins when a light bulb came on.  I have MAGNETS!  I laid the bobby pins on the counter, laid some company's magnet over top of them, and whewhoo I had solved the case of the scattered bobby pins!

I then just dropped the magnet in the bathroom drawer, and I put another one in my make up case at my make up table.  Problem solved!  And, a job well done!

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