Sunday, August 28, 2016

Unique products from SHOPLET


We can't get enough of the great products from SHOPLET!  They carry many unique items, and ordering is a breeze!

One can even choose to receive regular deliveries and that saves time!

Todays two products are ones I haven't seen before; they are sold by SMEAD through Shoplet.

First up are these 3 in 1 Super Tab Section Folders.

company photo

These have 3 pockets, and can be used as one would use a regular folder, or one can write on the tab and use them as a file folder.  They come ten to a pack and can be purchased HERE.

How awesome is this next product???  A VERTICAL organizer!

company photo

This vertical organizer is great!  No more hanging your head to the side to see what is in your file folder!  This makes documents so much easier to see!  Get yours today!  It can be purchased HERE.

I have been really pleased with the products I have reviewed from SHOPLET, they carry many products by different companies.  I bet you will find something you didn't know you needed!  :)

Shoplet is way more than OFFICE SUPPLIES, they also carry a wide range of CLEANING SUPPLIES, MEDICAL SUPPLIES, and OFFICE FURNITURE.

Wishing Much Love and Happiness to you all!


I was provided these products in exchange for my review.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Hi All!

How are you?  We are doing great, except for this heat wave has us feeling kinda tired.  Anyone else?

We are pleased to once again received office supplies from  SHOPLET

I'm tellin ya, if anyone says you have too much office supplies, ditch them!  They are not your friend!  hahahaha!

I don't currently have a dedicated office, but I love having lots of office supplies!

Shoplet is your one stop shop!  Not only do they have OFFICE SUPPLIES , they also carry CLEANING SUPPLIESOFFICE FURNITURE and MEDICAL SUPPLIES.  There's something for everyone!

Also, a really big deal; with every purchase a tree is planted!  That's awesome!

Todays products were supplied by SANFORD BRANDS

These Sharpie-Electro-Pop-Permanent-Markers are great for journals, or use a different color on your calendar to mark different events.  They come in 5 fun colors, and they are water resistant.

How cute are these Paper-Mate-Mates-Easy-to-hold-Mechanical-Pencils ??  

Just click the top and the lead pops out the bottom, these also have the customary little eraser.  Love the colors!  

I love these Paper-Mate-Effortless-Glide-Ballpoint-Pens.
Unfortunately for me, my 16 y/o Granddaughter loved them too, and when I gave her her choice of any of the products I received, she chose these!  :)  They are fun colors!

And, last, but not least, we received Paper-Mate-Liquid-Paper-DryLine-Grip-Correction-Tape.
 Because, who doesn't make a mistake now and then?  :)

I am really pleased with all of these products, and how convenient to find them all in one shop!

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Wishing Much Love and Happiness to you all!


I received these products at no charge in exchange for my review.