Saturday, December 28, 2013

Essential Oils

Hello, I hope today finds you well and happy!

This is just a quick post to talk with you about my desire to get as many chemicals as possible out of my life.  Maybe you feel the same way, but don't know where to start.

My daughter has a good friend, Gina, that is a doTerra Essential Oil consultant.  She has a wealth of knowledge, and has provided me with a set of their vitamins to review.  I will be doing the actual post for that review in approximately one month.

In the mean time, if you have questions about what essential oils to try or what they are used for, you may e mail Gina at  (Tell her you are coming from my blog, she'll be expecting you!) One can also visit the website at .

What really impressed me about working with Gina is she uses these oils for her whole family, husband, children and parents.  I look forward to learning more about these oils.  And, subsequently sharing that knowledge with you.

With the New Year approaching, many of us will probably add healthier living to our to-do list, and I wanted to give you a head start as to what you can do to achieve your goals.

Stay tuned for more info on essential oils!

I hope you have a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!


Saturday, December 21, 2013


Hi!  As always, thank you for sharing part of your day with me!

I recently had an opportunity to review two Red Apple Lipstick cosmetic products.  Although the company is called Red Apple Lipstick, they offer several other cosmetic products.  The awesomeness of this company is their products are:  gluten free, paraben free, lead free, soy free and cruelty free!  Go here to read more about their story,   (You may have to copy and paste the address)

I reviewed 2 lip products, the exfoliate stick, and Rallye Balm.  My lips are were always chapped and dry.  (Jay Harper, the "brain child" of red apple explains why on their website

When I applied lipstick it really showed. See how brown and dry my lips were?  NASTY!  Yes, that really is yukky brown, I'm assuming dead skin cells, on my lips.

After using these 2 products for 5 days, I think you will agree there is a very huge difference.  Yes, I know my face looks nasty here, but I have my lower lip stuck out, so you can really see the great improvement.  When I do a product review, I really want to show my followers what they can or cannot expect from the product.  Even if I have to look a little gnarly!  ha!!!

But, really look at those nice hydrated lips!  I want to kiss myself! blahahahahahaha!

You can read more about there two products, and others including eye cosmetics, on their website

I really believe we need to become more aware of the toxins we are putting on our skin.  Our skin is our largest organ.  My grand-daughter, Haley, did a science project which showed that most women put FIVE POUNDS of chemicals on their face in a lifetime.  I, like several of you, have tons of makeup, and I am slowly trading them out for all natural products.  With Red Apple Lipstick it is going to be a lot easier to do as they offer such a wide range of natural cosmetics.

Thank you ever so much for your time.  Please subscribe by e-mail, twitter, g+, pinterest..etc..etc..  <3
Your follows do matter, as companies often look at numbers when deciding who they chose to review their products.

I was provided these two products at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review.  I received no other form of payment for this review.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


We have all heard, 'my how time flies", and it is never more evident then when something from your childhood turns 50!  Even though I was only two or three, six years old when Mary Poppins came out, I can still remember wanting everything Mary Poppins!  I received a Mary Poppin's doll for Christmas that year, which I still have.  I loved that little carpet bag that came with her!  Magical things came out of that bag!  Ha!

I remember going to visit my Uncle Don and Aunt Janice that year, it was Aunt Janice that thought me the word  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  I know (now) that I bugged the crap out of her that week end, but by the time we left, I could and still can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  And, can still recall words from several of the songs. I looked up the meaning of  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious on Wikipedia and it defines it as such:  "Atoning for educability through delicate beauty." According to the film, it is defined as "something to say when you have nothing to say". (This is taken directly from the Wikipedia page).

It was a fun movie, but I wonder with all of technology today will a six year old child find it just as amazing?   One has to do some pretty awesome things to impress some children now a days!  Or, will the main audience be those like myself, reliving a childhood memory?

But then, there is my four year old grandson, Trevor, who laughs "till water comes out his eyes", when we watch funny dog videos.  So, I still have hope of watching the movie with my younger grandchildren and teaching them to say the WORD.

Do you remember going to the movie?  Still have a Mary Poppin's doll? Can you say the Word??

And, since I have nothing more to say  SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS

Hugs,  Vicki