Friday, April 22, 2016

Loupe Led Magnifying Glass with Light


I hope today finds you well!  We are doing well, except for the concern over all the earthquakes in Ecuador.  

Todays review is for a LED magnifying glass.

I was just floating through life, enjoying the scenery and one day.. BAM.. I could not read the bottom of my lipstick tube! I remember that day very well. I was like... what is going on??! I was over 40, so there ya go.... bifocal city! I don't like bifocals, But, I needed to know what color my lipstick was! :) 

company photo

This Loupe magnifying glass has helped me a lot.  The smaller credit card sized magnifier is great for restaurants. The 3 choices of magnification is great, I love having options! 

The cleaning brush is an added bonus. I feel they thought of everything. If you struggle to see small print, give this a go. 

LED Magnifying Glass  may be purchased on Amazon.

 I was provided this product at little or no cost in exchange for my honest review.

Monday, April 18, 2016

RIM Sports Knee Sleeve


I hope today finds you well.  

I have become very familiar with the knee support sleeve I am reviewing for you today!

company photo

 I have a "mysterious" knee pain that extends all the way down to my toes. :(  .  Lab work, and x-rays are fine, so a bone scan is coming up.  

Anywhooo...  nothing eases the pain.. except for this knee sleeve.  

It is very comfortable to wear and I even forgot I had it on when I got in the shower! Ha!

It is made from Neoprene and comes in blue and pink.  

This sleeve would benefit runners, walkers, or "limpers".. like me!  Also, keeps arthritic knees warm.

If you need knee support I would give this a try.

Knee Sleeve may be purchased on Amazon.

Wishing Much Love and Happiness to you all!


I received this at little or no cost in exchange for my review.