Saturday, May 30, 2015

O is for OZERI!! Many great products!


I hope you are doing well.  I continue to recover from my surgery, and am improving every day.  Yeah!

Ozeri has been a great company for me.  They provide me with awesome products to review.  They offer a wide range of products, from personal care to kitchenware.

I have recently had some blood pressure problems, so I was pleased to review their "Voice Guided Blood Pressure Monitor".  This is applied on the wrist.  It is automatic and it actually "talks" to you.   It tells you when you have your arm at the correct position and it tells you what level your blood pressure falls in.  It offers a large digital display.  I love it!

/Ozeri-BP5K-Voice-Guided-Intelligent-Hypertension Cuff may be purchased on Amazon.

Also, they were kind enough to send me their 12 inch green ceramic WOK.  I am very pleased with it.  It is made from the same great product as their green skillet that I previously blogged about.

It is non stick, and clean up is a breeze!  

They also include a protector which one places inside the wok, when not in use, to avoid scratches.

12-Inch-Ozeri-Ceramic Wok may be purchased on Amazon.

I feel Ozeri is a great company with great customer service.



I received these products in exchange for my review, I received no other form of compensation.

Grocery Store Help For Gluten Free Items


How are you doing?  Really!  Feel free to let us know!  Misery loves company!  Blahaha!!

Speaking of misery... a lot of people seem to be finding out that their belly pain is due to being gluten intolerant.  I, like you, know people personally who are affected with this disease.  

It can be difficult to host parties when one has a gluten free friend, because if one is not use to cooking gluten free, it can be confusing as to what to purchase for said friend.

This book makes it a lot easier!

company photo

It contains over 50,000 gluten free items and brands.

It is conveniently separated into categories with color coding.  It also shows what the symbols on gluten free foods mean.

This is an invaluable book to those shopping for gluten free products.  

This is also available as an e-book.  Which would be handy to have at the grocery store.  But, I would definitely want the paper back book also to go through and mark items of interest.

This would be a very nice gift to give a GF friend.  Or, as I said it is great for everyone to own when they are preparing food for a friend with dietary restrictions.

Learn more about Triumph Dining GF products by visiting their WEBSITE

Essential-Gluten-Free-Grocery-Guide may be purchased on Amazon.



I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. I received no other form of compensation.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thread Count does make a difference!


I have been spending a lot of time lying in bed for the past few days, due to having surgery.  The product I am reviewing came in handy!

These are 1000 thread count cotton pillowcases.  They are very soft against my face.

These come nicely packaged in a plastic zippered bag.

I received them in a very light green, but they have different color options.

company photo

I remember ...back when I was a kid....  ha!  my mom would make me iron sheets and pillowcases.  I would  spray a bunch of starch on them, and grumble the whole time about how dumb it was to iron sheets.  But, there was something nice about those crisp sheets!

Thankfully, these cases wash up nice and look just fine without being ironed.  Not that I would anyway!

Pillowcases may be purchased on Amazon.



I was provided this product in exchange for my review, I received no other form of compensation.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Youphoria Yoga Mat


I hope today finds you well!  As I stated in a previous post, I had surgery on Friday.  I  broke my leg about 3.5 years ago and had a plate and screws put in.  I was told it wouldn't have to be removed.  Well....  it was confirmed that I have a few loose screws!  ha!  So, I ended up having to have the hardware removed.  Yes, it hurts.  No, it is not as bad as the original break.  Percocet is my friend!  Blahaha!

Anywhoooo.... on with the review!  I really enjoy yoga.  It is structured in such a way that beginners can start benefiting right away.  And, one does sweat when doing yoga.  This surprised me!

That is why it is important to have a awesome yoga mat.

company photo

I like this mat so much better than my previous one.  It was made of a nylon material type stuff, it got dirty easy and looked horrible.

This mat is made from memory foam.  It is comfortable and it is easy to clean.

It comes with a elastic carrying handle, which makes it easy to transport.  

The mat is made in such a way that it does not slip, even on slick floors.

One can use a yoga towel over this mat, if preferred.  

This is one of the longest mats I have seen.  Plenty of room to move around!

I would recommend this mat to anyone.  

Learn more about Youphoria on their WEBSITE

Youphoria-Yoga-Mat may be purchased on Amazon and is available is several colors.



I was provided this product in exchange for my honest review.  I received no other form of compensation.

Bubble Therapy


How are you doing?  I am okay, I had to have surgery a couple of days ago on my leg.  It hurts, but I'm sure I will pull through  :)

Todays review is about a bubble bath/shampoo/body wash product.  A 3 in 1!  It is very handy.

This smells great. 

company photo
The company gave me these directions for getting more bubbles.  Instead of pouring the liquid directly into the tub, pour it into your hands and rub them slightly together, and let the water run over your hands.  This does make more bubbles.  

This is very handy for travel because it alleviates the need for different bottles of product.  Plus this is suitable for all ages.

Here are the specifics from the company:  

All Natural and Organic ingredients
Sulfate FREE
Harsh detergents FREE
Paraben FREE
Sodium Benzoate FREE
Dioxanne FREE
For all ages

3 in 1 Bubble bath may be purchased on the company WEBSITE at a discount price.

It is also available on Amazon

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I received this product in exchange for my review.  I received no other form of compensation.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Vitamin C Eye Gel


It is nice to "see" you!  I hope all is well in your world!  I feel I am blessed more than any one woman has the right to be.  I have so much to be grateful for!

One area of my life that tends to give me probs, is my sleep (or lack thereof.)  Not sleeping well can wreck havoc on ones eyes, huh?  

That is one of the reasons I use a moisturizer especially made for around the eyes.

company photo

This eye gel comes in a small container that makes it great for not only home use, but also for travelling.  

It has a slight cucumber smell, it is cooling to my eyes.  

Not only does it have Vitamin C, but also HA, Jojoba oil, cucumber extract, and Aloe.  These work together to help with puffiness and dark circles.

The skin around our eyes is very delicate.  Care should be taken not to pull the skin.  I use my ring finger to gently  dab this gel around my eyes.  

As with any product of this type, consistent use is a must.  

Vitamin C Eye Gel may be purchased on Amazon.



I was provided this product in exchange for my review.  I received no other form of compensation.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Makeup Blender Latex Free Foundation Sponge


I hope today finds you well.  I had a great week end, as 3 of my 4 grandkids were all together here in OH, and I got to spend a couple of days with them.  

Today's review is a Blender Foundation Sponge.  I had never used one of these before.  I found it to be quite useful around my hair line and around my eyes and nose.  

The rounded end worked really great for my cream blush.

This is latex free, which is great!  It is very reasonably priced at less than $4.50.

I dampened the sponge a little before using it.  I like it, it is easy to clean too.

This company also sells the typical egg shaped sponge.

Gourd Shaped Blender Sponge may be purchased on Amazon.

Wishing much love and happiness to you all!!

I was provided this product in exchange for my review. I received no other compensation.