Thursday, September 24, 2015

Laundry Clothesline Hanging Rack with Video Review

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Today we are reviewing a product that I feel could be multi functional.  It is an attractive Laundry Clothesline Hanging Rack.

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This hanger has 18 stainless steel clips, so one can hang multiple items.  It also has a locking mechanism on the hanger part to help it from getting blowed off a line should one use it outside.

I think a creative person could use this to hang childrens toys, or party decorations.

This would also be great for baby clothes.  

This product is also available in different shapes.  

Every household needs a way to line dry clothes, so it might as well be with a hanger that is pretty!

Laundry Clothes Line Dryer may be purchased on Amazon.

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I was provided this product at a reduced rate in exchange for my review.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Petite Sized Hair Detangler Brush!


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Do you or your child want to cry when brushing the tangles from your/their hair?  I still remember my Mom telling me how she use to get cracked on the head with the hairbrush if she yelped while getting her hair combed out!  Brushing ones hair should not be a life altering experience!  ha!

This petite sized detangler brush is great.  It is palm sized, so it is easy to hold and even carry along with one.  Plus, it has an attractive design. 

company photos

Someone with curly hair should not use a bristle brush, as it can cause increased frizziness.  These bristles are plastic and they make my scalp feel invigorated.  It is like a little scalp massage.  

One should always start brushing from the bottom of their hair and 
work their way up.

I hate to say it, but Christmas is just a few pay checks away, this would make a great stocking stuffer!  

This comes with a 100% guarantee!  Don't let your kids have bad memories of getting their hair brushed!  Give this a go, you have nothing to lose!

The-Detangler-Detangling-Hairbrush may be purchased on Amazon.

Wishing much Love and Happiness to you all!


I was provided this product at no charge in exchange for my review.

My Favorite Microfiber Hair Towel!


How are you doing?  Things are great here.  I had all my family together in one place this past week end, and it was wonderful!  I have an awesome family!

As a product review blogger, I receive a lot of great products.  However, there are some that are my favorites, and this hair towel is one such product.

company photo
I have naturally frizzy curly hair so a rough towel is a no-go for me.  Since receiving this towel, it is the only one I use.  It is very absorbent, which helps my hair dry faster.

It is a large hair towel measuring 23x40, so it is great for long hair.
I also feel this would make a great baby towel.  It is sooooo soft.

I have received other products from this company, and have been pleased with all of them.  The seller is very committed to putting out quality items.

I would recommend this microfiber towel to anyone!

Luxe Beauty Microfiber Towel may be purchased on Amazon.

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I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Vitamin C Cleanser


Hope things are well in your world!  I get to see my out of state family this week end!  I am really haaapppyy about that!  It is really difficult to not have all your children in one place!

I have been using Amara Organics Vitamin C cleanser for about 3 weeks and I am pleased with the way it removes my make up.

company photo

This is a gentle cleanser, good for all skin types.  It contains vitamin C and is organic.  It is free of parabens, sulfates and artificial fragrance.

It does not leave my face feeling dry or tight after use.

The pump dispenser makes it quite handy.  I have used other Amara Organic products in the past and have been pleased with all of them.  I feel they are a reputable company.

Here is a list of what the company says one may expect from using their product:

Formulated with 15% Vitamin C, Aloe, Rosehip Oil & Tea Tree Oil for the Best Results:

- Deep cleans & unclogs pores
- Refines skin texture & tone
- Smooths out fine lines & wrinkles
- Fades sun spots & discoloration
- Brightens for a more radiant complexion 

I think this is a great combination for a cleanser.  If you would like to give it a try,  you may purchase it from their WEBSITE or Amazon

Wishing much love and happiness to you all!!


I received this product at no cost in exchange for my review.  I received no other form of compensation.

Sunday, September 6, 2015



I hope today finds you well.  I have been on a "Once upon a Time", (netflix) marathon this week.  Fairy Tales are spooky in Story Brooke!

Having a bad hair day can be spooky too!  My hair is natural frizz and on humid days, it could put the wicked witches hair to shame!  Blahaha!

I was given the opportunity to review an AWESOME ceramic hair straightener.  

My granddaughter, Haley, has hair that is insanely thick and curly.  We're talking she has broke combs!  Like a lot of people with curly hair, she wants straight hair!  She has had more hair straighteners than one can imagine.  I know because she gives me the ones she doesn't like and I had to build on an extra room to hold them!  Hahaha!

When she used this ceramic straightener, her first words were; "I love this!"

company photo

Haley's hair before


This digital flat iron comes with controls on top for use of handling for both left and right handed users. 

There is a key lock function. Once you have the iron on and set to your preferred temperature, double clicking the power button will lock the controls so that if you hit them while styling it will not change the temperature setting. 

The ideal thumb placement when you're using it is with your thumb over the temperature readout where it says the digital temperature.

I, (we) highly recommend this hair straightener.  We love it!

ISA Pro Straightener can be purchased on Amazon.

ISA website 
Twitter:  @ISAprofessional
Instagram:  isa.professional
ISA Facebook

Wishing much love and happiness to you all!


I was provided this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Love this Red White & Blue Tote!


Can one have too many totes?  I don't think so either!  They are useful for so many things.

This tote is especially useful because it is made from water resistant Poly material with a vinyl lining, which makes it idea for carrying wet clothing, such as swim suits or beach towels.

company photos

It is quite spacious at 20x14x5.  It also has a zippered pocket inside.

This is well made and holds a lot of "stuff".  Its flat bottom makes it nice, because it stands, without falling over.

I think it is really attractive, and use it for numerous things.

I bet you can think or some ideas for a tote this lovely!!

Travel-Tote-Beach-Pool tote may be purchased on Amazon.

Wishing much love and happiness to you all!


I was provided this product in exchange for my review.