Saturday, December 28, 2013

Essential Oils

Hello, I hope today finds you well and happy!

This is just a quick post to talk with you about my desire to get as many chemicals as possible out of my life.  Maybe you feel the same way, but don't know where to start.

My daughter has a good friend, Gina, that is a doTerra Essential Oil consultant.  She has a wealth of knowledge, and has provided me with a set of their vitamins to review.  I will be doing the actual post for that review in approximately one month.

In the mean time, if you have questions about what essential oils to try or what they are used for, you may e mail Gina at  (Tell her you are coming from my blog, she'll be expecting you!) One can also visit the website at .

What really impressed me about working with Gina is she uses these oils for her whole family, husband, children and parents.  I look forward to learning more about these oils.  And, subsequently sharing that knowledge with you.

With the New Year approaching, many of us will probably add healthier living to our to-do list, and I wanted to give you a head start as to what you can do to achieve your goals.

Stay tuned for more info on essential oils!

I hope you have a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!


Saturday, December 21, 2013


Hi!  As always, thank you for sharing part of your day with me!

I recently had an opportunity to review two Red Apple Lipstick cosmetic products.  Although the company is called Red Apple Lipstick, they offer several other cosmetic products.  The awesomeness of this company is their products are:  gluten free, paraben free, lead free, soy free and cruelty free!  Go here to read more about their story,   (You may have to copy and paste the address)

I reviewed 2 lip products, the exfoliate stick, and Rallye Balm.  My lips are were always chapped and dry.  (Jay Harper, the "brain child" of red apple explains why on their website

When I applied lipstick it really showed. See how brown and dry my lips were?  NASTY!  Yes, that really is yukky brown, I'm assuming dead skin cells, on my lips.

After using these 2 products for 5 days, I think you will agree there is a very huge difference.  Yes, I know my face looks nasty here, but I have my lower lip stuck out, so you can really see the great improvement.  When I do a product review, I really want to show my followers what they can or cannot expect from the product.  Even if I have to look a little gnarly!  ha!!!

But, really look at those nice hydrated lips!  I want to kiss myself! blahahahahahaha!

You can read more about there two products, and others including eye cosmetics, on their website

I really believe we need to become more aware of the toxins we are putting on our skin.  Our skin is our largest organ.  My grand-daughter, Haley, did a science project which showed that most women put FIVE POUNDS of chemicals on their face in a lifetime.  I, like several of you, have tons of makeup, and I am slowly trading them out for all natural products.  With Red Apple Lipstick it is going to be a lot easier to do as they offer such a wide range of natural cosmetics.

Thank you ever so much for your time.  Please subscribe by e-mail, twitter, g+, pinterest..etc..etc..  <3
Your follows do matter, as companies often look at numbers when deciding who they chose to review their products.

I was provided these two products at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review.  I received no other form of payment for this review.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


We have all heard, 'my how time flies", and it is never more evident then when something from your childhood turns 50!  Even though I was only two or three, six years old when Mary Poppins came out, I can still remember wanting everything Mary Poppins!  I received a Mary Poppin's doll for Christmas that year, which I still have.  I loved that little carpet bag that came with her!  Magical things came out of that bag!  Ha!

I remember going to visit my Uncle Don and Aunt Janice that year, it was Aunt Janice that thought me the word  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  I know (now) that I bugged the crap out of her that week end, but by the time we left, I could and still can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  And, can still recall words from several of the songs. I looked up the meaning of  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious on Wikipedia and it defines it as such:  "Atoning for educability through delicate beauty." According to the film, it is defined as "something to say when you have nothing to say". (This is taken directly from the Wikipedia page).

It was a fun movie, but I wonder with all of technology today will a six year old child find it just as amazing?   One has to do some pretty awesome things to impress some children now a days!  Or, will the main audience be those like myself, reliving a childhood memory?

But then, there is my four year old grandson, Trevor, who laughs "till water comes out his eyes", when we watch funny dog videos.  So, I still have hope of watching the movie with my younger grandchildren and teaching them to say the WORD.

Do you remember going to the movie?  Still have a Mary Poppin's doll? Can you say the Word??

And, since I have nothing more to say  SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS

Hugs,  Vicki

Thursday, November 28, 2013

"Happy Birthday, Bro"

Old age is a privilege that is denied to many.   (unknown)

Today, November 28th, would have been / is (?), my brother's 48th birthday.

Last year I called him on his cell, he didn't answer, but I left the same message that I said to him every year,  Happy Birthday, Bro. 

This year, I couldn't help myself,  I called his cell, the recording said "this number does not have voice mail set up".  So I sent a text message, "Happy Birthday, Bro.  And, no I am not expecting any kind of  Divine message to come back.  But, it just didn't feel right not to do something.

 I have a note from him that he wrote me about six years ago.  I wasn't home, so he found this piece of cardboard and wrote these words on it: "I was here, and you were not, now you are here, and I am not." Brother.   And, when I read it now, I am touched that he signed it "Brother", instead of using his name.  He knew I loved him, he knew he was my Brother.

The words "now you are here, and I am not." have came to me often over the past 11 months. 
Because, we are here, and he is not.

But, his memory lives on, in our hearts and minds.  We have crossed over many hurdles during this first year without him.  Thanksgiving of last year was the last time I was at his home, and we had Thanksgiving together.  And, as I have posted before, I am ever so grateful for that time.

Some of you will understand my need to post this, some will not, but I  am over-whelmed by the loss of not being able to tell my brother, Happy Birthday. 

Happy Birthday, Bro.


Monday, November 25, 2013

FREE I Caught Santa pictures!

I was given the opportunity to have loads of fun with

It is their 5 year anniversary and they want to give you a gift!

You go to their site : download one of your pictures and insert Santa into your picture!  And until December 10th,  it is FREE  just use the code #SantaShare    This is $9.99 savings!

This is the picture I made with my sister and I.  I sent it to her and told her we had been photo-bombed by Santa!  Her reply was "How cool is that!"

There are several images to choose from,  I personally like the sleeping Santa.  Take a picture of your tree, and insert Santa sleeping in the chair to show to your children!   Use the code as many times as you want until December 10th - because after all who doesn't like FREE?
They also have several borders to choose from!  In this picture Santa and his reindeer are  hiding in the woods to see if we are being naughty or nice!

Be sure and visit  by Dec. 10th and use the FREE code #SantaShare
It is loads of fun!  You could even use these as Christmas cards!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Snuggie & Notes Tips!

I have all kinds of ideas running through my head.  Some of them are actually do-able.  Ha!

I think because of my position as an Operating Room Nurse, I am mindful of looking for ways to make things handy.  Always getting ready for the next move, trying to stay one step ahead.  So, I am always thinking "okay, if I do this, then it will make it easier to do this".

Here are two of my newest "inventions".

#1.  I love my Snuggie(TM).  I use it winter and summer.  I use it in the summer because the only air conditioner I have in my apartment blows directly on me.  I can't change that, so I just go with the flow and wear my Snuggie.

But, it is like a wrestling match each time I put it on, trying to find the top, and then, making sure I have it right side out.

Well, no more!  I solved the problem!  I put a large binder clip at the top of my Snuggie.  It has made a huge difference in finding the top.

Then, to know which side is the front, I put a pretty piece of washi tape, across the front of the binder clip.
No my sparring matches!!

I am so happy with this that I wanted to share it with other Snuggie lovers!

#2.  I am a note writer.  I have to write things down pretty much the instant I think of them or VROOOOM, the thought is gone!

I was in the kitchen and needed to write something down, I went to another cabinet that I keep note pads in and picked up a Post it Note(TM)  pad.

It is the standard size pad, and guess what????????  It was the exact fit for sticking to the inside of my kitchen drawer!  I took the back off of it and stuck it on the inside side of the drawer.

It has came in quite handy.  I jot something down, then stick it or use a magnet to stick it to the fridge until such a time comes when I can add it to my note application on my phone.  Love it!

I hope 1 or both of this tips will be useful to you!
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The reason I need followers is because companies require that the blogger has a certain number of followers before they will allow them to review their products.  I LOVE doing product reviews.  So... I need your help in order to do that.  Thank you ever so much for your time.

I hope you have "the best day ever".


These tips and tricks first appeared on Dragonfly Tales.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Rachelle Ayala "Knowing Vera"

Hello!  I hope you enjoy this time that we will be spending together, as I review for you a Rachelle Ayala book, entitled; " Knowing Vera".  Knowing Vera is #3 in the Chance for Love series.  Although you do not have to read the books in order, this book will have some 'spoilers' .

This books has many components, many different things going on, and several characters.  You will need to pay close attention to character names, so that you don't get to the end  book, and have rack your brain as to who this or that person was.

There is something for all in this book, steamy love scenes, crime, and loads of mystery.   Mystery as to who killed.... Lillian Spencer!  You think you have it figured out, only to find out you don't!

I loved this book, could not put it down!  Five Stars!!

This and other Rachelle Ayala's books can be found here: ,

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rachelle Ayala - Book Review

Hello,  I hope ya'll are doing good!  I am very happy that I was given the opportunity to review Rachelle Ayala's book;  "Your Daily Bible Verse."

First of all, I would like to say that I consider reading the Bible a privilege.  A privilege that is denied to many.

Ms. Ayala has written a Bible study book unlike any other I have ever read.  She had me getting out my Bible before I was even finished reading the introduction!

"Your Daily Bible Verse" is an unique book based on the month and day of the year.  For instance on July 19th, you would be reading the 7th Chapter, 19th Verse of which ever Book Ms. Ayala was led to choose for that day.

With some Bible study books one can read the scripture and commentary and feel that they have finished their Bible study; without ever opening the Bible.  Ms. Ayala has written just the verse for the day.  Some of them I recognize and know the story behind it, while other days have me going to my Bible to find out what is going on around the chosen verse.  And, isn't that what a Bible study book should do?  Have you digging deeper into the word of God.  Ms. Ayala also gave me the idea to read the verses of my birthday.  You should give it a try, it is a fun way to spend time in the word of God.

I definitely feel this is a book one would welcome into their Bible study collection.  5 Stars!!  The book page can be found here:

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

 There's a special verse for each of the 366 days of the year. Includes Bible Verse  Memorization tips. [all verses from the King James Version.]

Friday, June 28, 2013

YOU can help fulfill a sick child's dream

Good Afternoon All,  I hope ya'll are having a great Friday.

Today on Yahoo news, they reported about a very sick little boy.  His name is Alexander Moses (Xan) and his wish is to get 1 million people to 'like' his facebook page.  When the reporter asked him if he knew how much a million was, he said 'No, but I believe I can do it".

I'm asking you to become a Xan Fan.  You can find out more about Xan's story on,  This link should take you to the video      ,        and there is a button that will take you to his facebook page.  While on his FB page, click the 'about' button and find the address to send this brave boy a card.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

More of "Trevor Says"

Hello, I hope this post finds you well and happy!

If you have followed my blog, you know that Trevor is my 3 year old Grandson, and he is quite the little character!

I was babysitting him yesterday.  Here is how the conversation went:

Trevor: " I have to poop."

Me:  "Well, go do it".

T:  "Can you wipe my butt good?"

Me:  (thrown off guard)  "Yes, I can wipe your butt good."  (I've only been doing it since he was six weeks old) lol

T: " Well if you wipe my butt good, I'll give you some candy, but if you don't wipe my butt good, No Candy!"

Me: (cracking up, and wondering; who didn't wipe his butt good?  LOL

After, I wiped his butt, and for the added hope of receiving candy, I also used a cleansing cloth, he said "Did you wipe my butt good?"  I told him that I had.  He then went into the kitchen and got up on the counter, and said "well, here is your candy".

I have never received M&M's for wiping someone's butt before, and I have wiped a lot of butts, as I was a RN, mother of 2 and grandmother of 3.  But, I gotta tell ya, I think the kid is on to something!  LOL

A reward for a job well done!

This little guy cracks me up!  And, I am so happy to have my family in my life, each and everyone of them are a joy to me.

If you have funny kid conversations, I would love to hear them!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rx Timer Cap Review

I was fortunate enough to win Rx Timer Caps in a rafflecopter giveaway.

It is not often that I come across a product that I truly believe everyone should have.  The Rx  Timer Cap (the patented smart cap) replaces the cap on your prescription bottle.  It keeps track of how long it has been since the bottle was opened, thus the last time one took their medication.

I have 4 different pain medications that say take 2-3 times per day.  That can get confusing.  I was having to write down each time I took one of the medications.  But, now with Rx Timer Caps, I can see the digital read out on top of the cap, telling me how long it has been since I took my last dose.

For instance, I was going to take a pain pill, only to find out it had only been 2 hours and 35 minutes since I had taken it.  I would have over medicated.

I highly recommend you purchase these not only for medications you take every day, but also to have on hand for those acute illnesses.  You know the kind where you lay in bed, with your medication beside you and you can't remember when you took your medication, so you just take another one.  This could lead to severe problems and even death in some instances.

These would also be useful for older adults.  When you check in on them you would know how long it had been since they took their medicine.  And, also would lead to less confusion for them.  Because we all know that as we age, our memory can get a little fuzzy.

If you have children that are ill, no more having to check with the other parent to see if they have given your child their medicine.

I am just very impressed by these.  Every time you open the bottle, the LCD  timer acts as a stop watch and resets back to zero.  I feel confidant now about when to take my next dosage of medication.

You can learn more about them at

Disclaimer:  I was not asked by Rx Timer Cap to do this review, nor did I receive any type of compensation. This is just my honest opinion of a product I really appreciate.

e mail:
Twitter: @tori061157

Friday, April 19, 2013

Yester Year Soap Review

I received YesterYear chocolate soap as a gift,  And, I have had the pleasure of 'talking' to Cindy through email.  She is one of the kindest person you could ever meet.  It makes me feel good to know that a company has people working for them that genuinely care about their customers, and believe in their product.

YesterYear soap is all natural, they use no preservatives.  If you are looking for a soap for all skin types, then look no farther than YesterYear.

When I first opened my bar of chocolate soap, I wanted to take a big bite out of it!  It smells so 'chocolatey' and is so smooth.

When in the shower, it glides over your skin like silk, and lathers nicely.  Not as bubbly as the bath gels one might use, but they put additives in those to give you all those bubbles.  My shower smelled like rich chocolate, it is a pleasant experience.  The chocolate smell does not retain on your skin for long, but my skin does feel softer.  I had a few dry places on my shoulders that are now gone.

YesterYear soap is a luxury one can afford to use everyday.  You can find them at :

Disclaimer:  I was not asked to write this review, all opinions are my own, I received no compensation for this review.

xo  Vicki

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Trevor says,,,

Trevor is my 3 year old Grandson, he is the spitting imagine of his Dad.  It is kind of like watching Sundance grow up again!

He is an ornery, but very sweet little boy.  For instance; I babysat him one day because he wasn't feeling well.  When I walked over to the couch where he was laying, he raised his head and in this tiny little voice said "Thanks for coming".  LUMP in throat!

I was travelling with my Son and his wife.  Trevor and I were in the back seat.  It was a long trip and he started getting fussy, he wanted out of his car seat.  I reached over to him and said "Calm down, Skippy".
And, he cracked up!  He started saying Skippy over and over, he even called his Dad Skippy.  You may be wondering why I called him Skippy.  My Grandpa called me Skipper so I just changed it up for a boy. :)

Another time I was watching him, when he wasn't feeling well.  And, he said "Call me Skippy today".  Ha!
So, of course, I called him Skippy all day and he would always laugh.  That same day, he was laying at one end of the couch and I was sitting at the other end and he said "I need you Mim".  I said "Well then you better come down here and sit on my lap".  I held him for four hours while he slept.  It was four hours well spent.  I got to kiss his little face, and hold his hand while he slept.  And, when a little child says, I need you.  It is a genuine feeling. It made me feel good to know that I was needed.

Now I do not advocate little kids saying bad words, but when they hear bad words every day, they are going to repeat them.  Here are a couple of bad word episodes I've had with Trevor.

We were playing with his plastic guns, the one I was using, broke.  He said "you broke my gun". He starts pacing back, shaking his head "I.. can't ..believe.. you ..broke.. my.. freakin'.. gun.... dammit"  I about busted a gut over how indignant he was about me breaking that gun.  LOL

Another bad word episode is; we were travelling again, and with a twinkle in his eye he leaned over towards me and whispered  "bullsh*t".  I said "Trevor you shouldn't say bad words".  He said "bullsh*t".  His Mom said "Trevor if you don't stop saying bad words, you aren't going to get to ride grandpa's 4 wheeler".  Trevor said "Bullsh*t, I'll ride the tractor!"  I had to turn my head away, so he couldn't see me cracking up.  He's just so witty and quick on the draw!

Do you have any child or grandchild stories?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm on a roll!

So, I enter every giveaway I can find.  I do not work outside the home, so I have the hours it takes to participate in these giveaways.

Yesterday, I won 3 giveaways;(1) piczzle, which is a company that you send a picture to and they make it into a puzzle. (2) e=cigarettes, which is for people who want a little nicotine, the "smoke" that comes out of the cigarette is water vapor (3) a book "What's color got to do with it", which explains how to use color in your home (I live in an apartment, so everything is beige).  And a "Make your own gummies kit".  I bet my grandkids will have a blast with that!

I have a neighbor that is very good to me.  I have constant chronic pain, so there are a lot of things I just can't do.  She takes my trash out for me, and keeps my porch cleared of snow and ice.  She has a tiny yorkie named Twinkles.   She loves puzzles and she loves Twinkles, so I am going to have the piczzle made for her, as a small token of thanks for all she does for me.

I really appreciate the bloggers that run these giveaways, I can just imagine the amount of time involved.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm a WINNER!!!!!

I woke up this morning to an e-mail saying I had won a squawking Hallmark hen, that lays eggs while she squawks and dances around.  I know the grandkids will have fun with it, and I am anxious to see the 3 year old play with it.

Then, just a few minutes ago... when I should be asleep... I get another e mail telling me I had won an AquaChef Oven, valued at $160.  I was like "Wow, this is fun!"

I am not a cook, I will probably get more use out of the chicken :)

Also, today I received a blouse and sandals I had won from a previous giveaway.

It was a good prize day!

xoxo  Vicki

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ever just been 'weary of the day'?

I have had several days, where I have gone to bed early because "I am weary of the day".  I have been exhausted since my Brother passed away 3.5 months ago.  My mind never shuts down.

I didn't see or talk to my Brother everyday, because I only get to West Virginia on holidays, so we would only see each other a few times a year.  But, we always parted with a hug and an "I love you".  Now, he is a constant thought in my mind.  When I am able to sleep, I cover up with his favorite shirt.  It comforts me to have something of his.

Thankfully we spent Thanksgiving together, so I saw him just a couple of weeks before he passed away.  If not for that, I would not be able to remember the exact time I saw him last, or the last conversation we had.
I am so grateful that I have this memory of him.

My Sister and I are making sure that we communicate often, even if it is just a "Love you" e mail.

My Dad has lost his Brother and his Sister, he said to me "It doesn't feel good to be the last one standing".  So, now I get his drift.  My Sister and I have both said "I'm not going to be the last one standing"!  I guess time will tell.

It has been a rough few months.  My Brother passed away in December, 2 weeks later my Daughter had surgery (recovering very well) in January my Dad had a "mild" heart attack.  Which I think a heart attack is "mild" only when it happens to someone else.  If I should have a heart attack, there would be no 'mild' feeling attached to it!  :)  Then in February my Granddaughter is admitted to the hospital for a virus that they cannot identify.  But, it made her very sick and took ten days for her to start feeling better. She is completely well now.

Is it any wonder that I am weary of the day?  But, being weary does not mean you can sleep.  I have had times of being up for 48 hours.  They make a pill for that.. my Dr. gave me some.  Well, it's 3:30 a.m. and here I am.... not exactly the effect I was hoping for.

I read an article that said more people had better results with a sugar pill than the ones taking an anti-depressant.  If that is the case, maybe I should just eat a candy bar a couple of times a day!
That is a better way to get sugar as far as I'm concerned!  Why take a sugar pill, when you can just eat chocolate?  ;)  I can rationalize anything!

So, I leave you with this, if you have a loved one that you don't see often, or maybe aren't getting along with, make amends, send "love ya" e mails. Be able to remember the last time you communicated with them.  It brings one comfort.

xoxo,  Vicki

Saturday, February 16, 2013


2/16, Man do I ever feel bad this morning, very sluggish and blah.  I have been off of my juicing lifestyle for 2 days.  I have gorged myself on pizza, diet pop and candy.  I slept terrible last night.  I don't even have the energy to volunteer this morning.  Plus, I gained weight.

I am getting back on juicing today.  I felt so much better, when I was on this.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Pizza Party With Haley & Beau

Today I had two of my grandkids over for a pizza party and movie.  The pizza was free from PaPa John's because I made the right coin toss choice for the Superbowl.  The movie was free from Redbox, and chips and pop was free from Kroger coupons.  Spending time with my grandkids..  PRICELESS!

The movie we watched was Hotel Transylvania.  It was a cute movie.  We had Reese cups for dessert.  I love these kinds of times.

Also, my daughter gave me a beautiful sequin make up bag (red) for Valentines Day.

Yesterday, I received 4 valentine cards in the mail.  From my Sister, Mom, Niece and a friend, Margret.
I feel very blessed. 

My First Blog

I have chosen to start blogging, because I have recently learned the joy of reading others blogs, and I actually won a Maggie Bag on one of the facebook blogging giveaways and that really sparked my interest into the world of blogging.

A little about me;  First and foremost, I am a child of God.  I believe that his Son Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins.

I am a West Virginia Hillbilly, living in Ohio.  I moved to Ohio to be near my children and grandchildren.  I am the Mother of two grown children and I have three grandchildren.  We all live within ten minutes of each other, so it is quite handy.

My parents live 3 hours away in West Virginia, as does my Sister.  My Brother, Jeff lives in heaven.  He passed away on December 10, 2012 at the age of 47.  He had a massive coronary.  Time is an odd thing, he has been gone for 2 months and the pain of it is still so fresh that it feels like only yesterday.  But, it seems like a life time has passed since I have seen him.  

I am not a "couponer"..... I think that the ink used to print the coupons probably costs more than the coupons is saving me!  ;)

I do however love to enter rafflecopter giveaways, and will be posting those and eventually be participating in some as well.

You may follow me at Twitter  @tori061157
My e-mail :