Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rice Paper Lanterns - Fun, Festive and Easy to decorate!


I hope your day started off better than mine!  Not that it was an extremely bad start, but due to snow, I had to cancel an appointment I had waited over two months for.  I no likey!  Now, I have to wait again!  This is only the second snow of the year, and I'm all like; "why did you have to snow today!"  Ha!

Oh well, life goes on.  Let's talk about something a little more festive, shall we?

Have you ever had the pleasure of decorating with chinese lanterns?  They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.  For my review, I was sent white, 10 inch round lanterns.  An e book is also included to give ideas of how to decorate.

You receive ten rice paper lanterns and wires.  The total price per lantern is only $1!

One lantern, one wire

These can be decorated many ways,  I simply added some stickers.

Yes, the picture shows the lantern upside down, but it sat on the table easier that way. :)

These are lovely for a wedding, or just simply to bring a bit of loveliness to ones room.

This company is owned by 4 sisters.  They are so kind as to donate parties to those less fortunate.  I really like to support this type of business!  Don't you?

Paper party lanterns may be purchased on Amazon.



I received this product for review, I received no other form of compensation.