Friday, January 23, 2015

Bugs out - Fresh Air in!


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Today's review is a great addition to any household.  The magnetic screen door by Quality Source Products is one of the best I've seen.

I love the fact that the top of the door is held by magnets, thus making it easier to adjust.  Other doors I have tried have used velcro at the top.

                         company photo

Also with the door, they include a roll of velcro for securing down the sides and tacks to offer even more security.

These are ideal for apartment dwellers that cannot put up a regular door.  They are also awesome for those with pets.

The mesh is tight which helps insure bugs stay outside.

Imagine how convenient this would be if you were having an outdoor barbecue.  No more opening and closing the door while trying to carry food out.

I think these would also be ideal for RVs.

Do your children have a tree house?  Perhaps one could make this screen work for that!

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Magnetic Screen Door may be purchased on Amazon.



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