Monday, December 29, 2014

Start the New Year off with Smart Weigh Body Fat Digital Scales!


Well, pretty soon we will be scratching out 2014 and having to re-write 2015 on our correspondence!  It takes me about half the year to get switched over!  That's why I don't make New Years resolutions.  Because, it takes my brain awhile to switch over to the New Year!  Blahaha!

For many losing weight and getting healthier is their top resolution.  Well, then it is time to throw out those old scales that you have had for 20 years and get really informed of all the information the Smart Weigh Precision Scales can give you!

These scales are very attractive!  And, as one can see very thin and sleek.  There is no "tapping" required, just step on the scales and Bingo! get loads of information about what is going on with your body!

The Smart Weigh scales will tell you; your weight, body fat, body water and muscle and bone mass.  Plus, it can be programmed to keep track of up to 8 people.  That's impressive!

This is a very chic looking scale and will fit in easily with any decor.

I am very pleased with these scales, I think you will be also.

Smart-weigh-precision-tempered-scales can be purchased at Amazon.



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