Sunday, December 21, 2014

Prenatal Vitamins are important!


It is very exciting around here, not only are we anticipating spending Christmas with the family, but also the birth of a grandchild!

Speaking of births;  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER, BRANDI!  You are the best Christmas gift I have ever got!

My grand-DAUGHTER is due sometime around Christmas, and one just never knows!

From the sonograms we can see that she is cute as a button (was there ever a doubt?)  lol  And, we already know she likes pink and leopard print!  Blahaha!

While she is in there doing her thing, her mommy is doing everything she can to stay healthy.  This includes taking prenatal vitamins.

Sara reports that these are not huge vitamins and are easy to swallow.  

Women trying to become pregnant, who are pregnant and immediately following the birth of their child should consider taking prenatal vitamins.  As always, speak with your Dr. before taking anything new.

This vitamin is FDA approved and made in the USA.    The FDA approval is awesome!  These are gluten free, sugar free and wheat free, making them idea for those with allergies.

Ultimate prenatal vitamins can be purchased on Amazon.



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