Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ever wish your car had an electrical outlet? It can!


I am lovin' todays product!  It is a Power Inverter for ones car.
What is a power inverter?  Well, basically it is like an electrical outlet one can use in their car.  How cool is that?

This 1300 Watt invertor converts 12V DC to 110V AC.  

One hooks it up to the car battery using the cables provided for electric items one may use while camping, power outages, or playing TV or music at a tailgate party!

Or, one can hook it into their lighter outlet and have electric inside the car.  This is how I have used it.  I have back pain when I travel in the car for very long.  I can now take my heating pad along and have a more comfortable trip.

This device has a fan to keep it cool, so it can be used for quite awhile without worrying about having it overheat.

Also, if it is hooked up to the battery, it sounds an alarm if the car battery is getting low.

I feel safe having this in my car, especially during the winter months.  

It also has an USB port for charging ones phone.

Very easy to install, just red to red and black to black.  Bingo!

This power inverter may be purchased on Amazon.