Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Okay, so I love my OZERI skillet

Aye-yi-yi I can already tell this is going to be one of those spill my guts kind of posts.

You see, it all started when OZERI asked if I would be interested in reviewing another one of their products.  I have previously reviewed their scales.  I was sent a list of 10 items to choose from and.. well.. it was like looking at a Christmas wish list!  It was hard to choose just one thing.  But, their Green Earth Pan kept calling my name.  "Vicki, if you choose me, you will cook".  So, skillets talk to me.  Big deal.  ;)

Now, I come from a family of "cookers" and "bakers".  I've already discussed my "baking issues".  So, no need to reiterate that bit of woe-is-me news.  Now on to the next bit of info; I can cook (some stuff) and make it taste really good, okay edible, it is edible.  I'll be truthful with ya and tell ya that my family has actually questioned if I am really theirs.  ha!  But, then my kids are like my side of the family, so there in confirms the connection!  Maybe the cooking/baking part of my brain just does not have enough neurons firing! Or, maybe I really am a Princess.  Blahahaha!

Well, the skillet was right, since I have received it, I have cooked more.  Not anything fancy, but if I fix something in a skillet I consider that cooking.  That is my story and I'm stickin' to it.  No pun intended with the "stickin'" as nothing sticks to my beautiful "oh, I'm so proud of you skillet"!

The Green Earth Pan from OZERI is very different from those pans you see at some of the chain stores.  It is the world's first frying pan to provide non-stick perfection while giving off absolutely no harmful chemicals.   It is a lot heavier than other skillets I have had (yes, there have been a few).  And, I like that it is ceramic.  This does require some different care of the product, but all the instructions are very clear as to how to properly maintain your skillet.  It even comes with a handy-dandy pan protector, that one places in it while storing it.  OZERI sure does think of everything!

I feel really good about recommending OZERI products to you.  They offer many, many items, as one can see when they go to Amazon and type in the search box Ozeri.  One may purchase a talking  ;)  skillet just like mine at Amazon