Thursday, March 6, 2014


Hello Dear Ones.  As always, I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I value each and every one of you.  I know that many of you have busy lives and hope that when you come to Dragonfly Tales, you will leave with having learned of something new or getting a chuckle out of some of the scrapes I get myself into!

Today, I have such an awesome product to tell you about.  It is called:  "maggies". (tm) The Original Fashion Magnet.  And, Oh how original it is!  I love, adore, feel every household should have at least one set of "maggies".

"Maggies" is a magnetic cloth fastener which was designed by Ms. Margaret Sinclair.  This very powerful magnet will hold several layers of fabric together.  One can use the "maggie" to hold shawls, scarves, and sarongs together.  You no longer have to use pins to hold your delicate fabric together.


This is my granddaughter, Haley, showing how the "maggie" is used to hold the scarf on over the shoulder  in the first picture and in the last two pictures she actually used the "maggie" to attach the scarf to her shirt.  In the last picture she is showing the ball part of the "maggie", which one does not see in the second picture.

I searched for other ways to use them, and one  handy way for me to use them is for holding a towel around me, or around my shoulders.  If you color your own  hair, you know the difficulty of keeping a towel in place around your shoulders.  Well, No More!  This set of magnets holds a towel in place with no slipping.  So, just because you may not wear scarves does not mean that you would have no uses for the "maggie".  Get the check in the mail!  :)

You get 2 sizes and they are so powerful that I was able to just stick them on my refrigerator while they were still in the case they come in!  

The designer, Ms. Sinclair is such an accomplished person.  The "maggie" is her 8th U.S. patent.  In the past, she designed medical equipment and clothing.  I have only "talked" with Ms. Sinclair through e-mail but one can tell she is the kind of woman you would like to spend time getting to know.

Another thing that I like about the "maggie", is that it is made in the USA.  It would behoove you to check out the "maggie" website HERE and see for yourself all of the fascinating ways this product can be used.  They may be purchased on line HERE
They are also sold in specialty boutique stores.  With spring just around the corner, (please, please Dear Lord, let spring be just around the corner) now is a great time to purchase "maggies" for an Easter gift!

Make your life easier with more fashion options using "maggies"!  Can you tell I really, really love this product?  :)

Wishing Much Love and Happiness to You