Friday, March 14, 2014

Feelings every woman should have said to her

 I am sharing part of my personal life with you today to remind you that God has a plan for you.  Plans for hope and a future.  That through God "All things are possible".  There is someone reading this that needs to know that things can happen quickly and unexpectedly and in the oddest of ways.  Just don't stop believing that they can.

I was on Skype with my guy when he sent these words to me:

Transparently beautiful
Relentlessly beautiful
Not poke out the stars nor the moon beautiful
Devilishly beautiful
Unabashedly beautiful
Excessively beautiful
Nothing in this universe could come close to your beauty.


His first language is Spanish, but I think he has English down pretty darn good   ;)

There are obstacles, such as different countries, but if God is for us, who (what) can be against us?

Like some of you, I was afraid to let myself love again, but I am so glad that I did not miss out on him or his heart felt words.  I did not make things easy for him.  I was scared.  I did not want to love or be loved again.  He listened to my fears and he stayed.

I have faith that God is greater than any obstacles between us, and I believe in Fabrizzio and I.  Better than I was, more than I am with Fabrizzio Biojó Perdomo




Beautiful was written by Fabrizzio Biojó Perdomo and first appeared on Dragonfly Tales.