Monday, July 28, 2014

#1 Rated Travel Towel Microfiber by Shandali


Wow, fall has came early to Ohio!  It has been in the 60's here all week.  That is cray-cray for the month of July!  But, I am not complaining, not one little bit.  After leaving behind temperatures of over 100 in Ecuador, this cool weather is a welcomed blessing!  

As I blogged earlier, in certain areas of Ecuador I sweat non stop.  I was so glad that I had been wise enough to take along my Travel Towel.  This towel never left me.  Have towel, will travel!  And, because it is microfiber it dried very fast and had no mildew smell.
Another plus is; it is so light and can be folded up quite small  one is not incumbered by carrying it.  

I even took it to the beach with me, and because there are no loops in the material, sand did not get stuck to the towel.  With regular beach towels, one has to do a whole lotta' shakin' to get the sand out of it.

This towel also has a loop (see picture) sewn on it, so that is really handy for being able to hang it up, just able anywhere.

Because it is so absorbent, it also makes a nice towel for drying ones hair.  I use it quite often to dry off all over after showering.  It works great!  And, takes up so much less space in the laundry.  And, also way, way, way less space in ones linen closet.

These towels would be great for campers, hikers, those that work outside in hot temperatures.  This would even make a great towel for drying off an infant.  I just can't think of anyone that wouldn't get a lot of use from this towel.  It comes in two sizes, I have it in medium.  I hope to have more of them!  I love them that much.

This Microfiber Travel Towel may be purchased at Amazon.