Wednesday, June 18, 2014

OZERI really Measures Up with this Gorgeous Kitchen Scale


I am writing to you from Manta, Ecuador.  It was 110 degrees here today.  There is no air conditioning.  There was no fan.  (I took care of that today)  With me just leaving Ohio (USA) where our temperatures where ranging from 50-70 F, I have been in a constant state of sauna. LOL

Some of Fabrizzio's family actually said "you sweat a lot".  Ha!!!!!!
Dang straight, it's hot!  But, I cannot understand Spanish, so.... I don't know what anyone is saying to me (or about me) unless Fabrizzio tells me.  It's actually kind of nice!  Ha!  If someone speaks to me in Spanish, I know how to say "I do not speak Spanish" -----in Spanish,--- but then they reply something back to me in Spanish... I'm thinking..... they are saying... "you just spoke Spanish, dingbat"  Bahahaha!!!!!  It's fun, I'm happy, It's all good!

I have been planning this trip for several months, and have reviewed the products I am telling you about, but I thought it would be fun to post some of the reviews while in South America.

As one might imagine, food has been a big change for me. And, especially the way the food is prepared.  Thoughts of my gorgeous Ozeri-Epicurean-Digital-Kitchen Scale  keep running through my head.

For accurate baking a kitchen scale is a must.  Depending on the person, using measuring cups there can be as much as a 3 ounce difference in the amount of flour one measures out in 1 cup.  This really has a big effect on the outcome of bakery items.  

This scale has a contoured, shatter resistant glass base, it looks kind of like a mirror.  And the glass platform is away from the buttons, so one gets optimal weight results.  The tare button is awesome, as one can use the same bowl and it knows to subtract the weight of the bowl, or you can reset it for each time you use a different bowl to measure something in.

I also found this scale to be so lovely that I wanted to rearrange my kitchen around my scale!  Ha!  I have no intention of putting such a lovely kitchen appliance in the cabinet.  I think it would even look cute to sit a bowl of fruit on it, when not in use.

As with other Ozeri products, this scale is top notch.  It even comes with batteries, which I really appreciate. 

I would recommend this scale to friends and family.  

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