Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Handy Dandy Running Belt review

Hi All,

How are you?  We are awesome!  Really looking forward to Christmas!

After all the over-eating some do over the holidays, many of us jump on the exercise bandwagon after the first of the year.

This hydration running belt will come in handy when we are ready to hit the trail. 

company photo

As visible in the above picture, this belt comes with 2 - 9 oz. water bottles and a nice size pocket to hold keys, phone and some cash.  It also has some silicone strips on the inside of the belt to help it stay in place.  

This belt also has reflector tabs that really glow when the light hits them.  In the next picture, one can see how well they lit up when the camera flash hit them.

Staying hydrated is so very important and this belt makes it easy!

Most of us get gifts that we have to return for one reason or another, this would be a good replacement!

Hydration Running Belt may be purchased on Amazon.

Wishing Much Love and Happiness To You All!


I was provided this product at little or no charge in exchange for my review