Saturday, April 4, 2015

"You have no wrinkles"

Hello again!

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I made a new acquaintance about a month ago.  She is about 25 years younger than me.  When I told her how old I am, she said; "You have no wrinkles."  Whew, music to my ears.  LOL

Sometimes I think about just letting nature take its course, but then I wake up from that nightmare!

Anyway... back to the conversation.  She asked me what kind of make up I use and I explained to her it was more about skin care than covering stuff up with make up.

She had never heard of Vitamin C Serum, and I felt she would be a great person to give ya'll a different opinion on how it works.

When I saw her one week later, she said "my face feels so much softer."

When I saw her two weeks after she started using this product, I could actually see a big difference in her face.  It looked smooth and well hydrated.  She said that even her acne had decreased.

I honestly believe Vitamin C Serum is an awesome anti-aging product.  It is easy to use, also.  Wash face, use toner, apply serum, apply moisturizer.  Bam!

New Radiance Natural also includes Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and organic aloe.  This is a great combination for decreasing fine lines and wrinkles, and lightening discoloration, as well as moisturizing.

This product is made in the USA in a FDA facility.

New Radiance may be purchased on Amazon.



I received this product in exchange for my review, I received no other form of compensation.