Monday, April 27, 2015

Amara Organic Serum


Today may we be healthy, wealthy and wise!  And, let us remember wealth is not only measured by the amount of money one has.  :)

One does not have to be financially wealthy to enjoy the benefits of Amara Organic Retinol Serum.  I find it to be quite reasonably priced.  And, a little goes a long way, so it should last for quite awhile.

company photo

I like this product.  It is non greasy and absorbs fairly quickly into the skin.  There is no strong smell.  It is natural, vegan and cruelty free.  And, is made in the USA.

Retinol has long been known to aid in the treatment of acne.  This product contains not only retinol, but also hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.  This combination works to keep the pores unclogged and therefore one has less breakouts.

This product should be used after cleansing and toning the skin.  Let the serum dry, then apply moisturizer.

Because this contains retinol, one should use sunscreen, as retinol can increase the chance of a sunburn.

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