Monday, February 17, 2014


Dear readers, I hope that today finds you happy and healthy!  I am happy, and mostly healthy.  Most of my "issues", say;  "comes with age."  LOL

Anyway,  today I have another Trevor story for ya!  If you are new to my blog, Trevor is my 4 year old grandson.  You can read more about him HERE and HERE .

My funnest days, are the ones I spend with my grandchildren.  If you have any, you can probably relate.  With Trevor being the youngest, he is most often the one I have the most "childish" fun with.  

He has a very, very active imagination, which I think is awesome.  I shot off a quick facebook post last week about him taking the first bite of my food and telling me he "had to check it to see if it was poisoned".  I thought maybe he had been a King's Taster in a former life. (ha!)  

This past Saturday I got to watch him, while his parents went out to dinner.  He was eating hull-less popcorn, and decided to throw a piece at me,  we then tried to throw pieces of popcorn in each others thing led to another and in the end it was a full blown popcorn battle, we had popcorn from one end of the living room to the other.  If we caught the other we would grind the popcorn into the others face, hair, whatever we could reach.  Yes, it was a mess, and yes I smelled like sour cream popcorn when I left, but oh how fun it was!  And, the dog was happy to clean up the mess!

Now, I told you that story so I could tell you this story.  A little later in the evening, Trevor found some popcorn that had been missed in the clean up.  He said "Mim, I have found some bear scat".   BLAHAHAHAHA  The conversation went something like this:

T:  Mim, I have found some bear scat!
M:  Oh, no do we have a bear in the house?
T:  Yes, four of them.
M:  The scat is white, does that mean they are polar bear?   Ha!
T:  Yes, and they are the meanest kind.
T:  We are gonna have to kill them.
M:  Okay

We are now both equipped with plastic swords, which we trade back and forth depending on which one Trevor feels will be to his advantage at the time. 

We are whispering, about where we think they are and decide one of them is in the bathroom.  He tells me to stay behind him and he enters first, I follow and we slash the air several times as we take down the bear.  We are rewarded with some bear teeth,  which Trevor holds out his hand and shows me how big and sharp they are.  (Imagination!)

We then had to determine where the next bears were, he looked at his hand, and says "My map says we have to go through the cornfield, and over the sidewalk,"  which took us to the kitchen, where we once again slashed at bear, and even a few bats that hung from the ceiling.  He held out his hand that time for me to see the paw he had got, and we talked about how soft it was.  (Imagination!)

He then said, "now to get this next bear, we have to get down on our bellies and crawl."  And, that is where he lost his back-up.   LOL!

We did manage to rid the house of bear, and all was right in the world again! 

I limped to my car, and the next day, I really did feel like I had been wrestling with bear.  :)

Playing make believe is sooooo much fun, if you haven't tried it for awhile I encourage you to give it a go!  One never knows what kind of wild animals may be lurking!

Did you know bears have scat?  I just thought it was bear poo.  LOL

What kinds of activities do you play with your children/grandchildren?