Monday, February 3, 2014


Hello Dear Dragonfly Tale Friends,   I hope today finds you well and happy!

I have something wearing on my mind.  Something I heard at the grocery store today that really made me feel kind of sad.

I heard a little boy say to his mom, "Am I being good?"  His mom replied "yes, you are being good".  

I found myself wanting to wrap my arms around the little guy and telling him; "you are always good".

I think all too often we say to our kids, (e.g.) "if you're good, you can get a treat".  I really feel that we need to rephrase this to something like; "If you show good manners at the store today you can get a treat".

It is a child's actions that are either "good" or "bad", "proper" or "improper" etc.  Children are always good.  They are innocent little people and we, as their parents, should be bolstering their self image.  

I don't believe we should ever say "you are a bad boy/girl",  when a child does something that we deem inappropriate.  If one needs to convey the message that what the child did was not acceptable, phrase it in such a way as it shows that the action was "bad", NOT THE CHILD.

A child should know that they are "good", they shouldn't have to ask.

And, by the way, you are good, too.

Until next time...