Friday, February 7, 2014


Hello!  Thanks for being here!  This is a Cautionary Tale from Dragonfly Tales.  I have tales to tell!

I am one of those beauty blog reader, YouTube beauty watcher wannabe's.  I have learned how to do some pretty amazing things. Ummm, okay maybe not amazing... I've learned things to buy in order to do amazing things.   I've learned that unless you have a sizable make-up budget these amazing products can be a little out of reach.

I did come across a blog post written by a woman that does her own manicures.  She explained step by step how to do a mani at home and I felt certain I could do it.

I have never owned a pair of cuticle trimmers in my life.  So, that was where the trouble started.  Those things are EXTREMELY pretty sharp.

Although I really didn't know what I was doing, I commenced to cutting, cutting being a key word here, my cuticles, and some actual skin around my cuticles.  

I know that cuticles are not suppose to be bleed, so as I sat there with blood dripping off not one, but two of my fingers, I assumed I had not properly performed my first home manicure.  My manicure came to a rather abrupt halt,  because I had to slather on antibiotic ointment and apply two band-aids.  I did do one finger right, so that leaves 7 fingers with cuticles still intact.  And, I will gnaw those cuticles off with my teeth before I attempt another "trim".

You may be wondering; what happened to my cuticle trimmers?  I now keep them by my bed.  Should I be attacked through the night, I am gonna grab those instruments of pain and start whackin' away at the assailant's cuticles. They will be sorry they ever messed with me!

I am doing away with the "Beware of dog" sign, and replacing it with "I have cuticle trimmers, and I'm not afraid to use them"!  I feel safe. 

My 2 fingers are still reallllllllly sore.  Those things really need to come with a "use with caution" notice.  :)  Or, maybe you could practice on someone you don't really like very much, first  .

If you do decide to trim your own cuticles, don't say you haven't been warned.  ha!

Much love and happiness to you all.