Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Snuggie & Notes Tips!

I have all kinds of ideas running through my head.  Some of them are actually do-able.  Ha!

I think because of my position as an Operating Room Nurse, I am mindful of looking for ways to make things handy.  Always getting ready for the next move, trying to stay one step ahead.  So, I am always thinking "okay, if I do this, then it will make it easier to do this".

Here are two of my newest "inventions".

#1.  I love my Snuggie(TM).  I use it winter and summer.  I use it in the summer because the only air conditioner I have in my apartment blows directly on me.  I can't change that, so I just go with the flow and wear my Snuggie.

But, it is like a wrestling match each time I put it on, trying to find the top, and then, making sure I have it right side out.

Well, no more!  I solved the problem!  I put a large binder clip at the top of my Snuggie.  It has made a huge difference in finding the top.

Then, to know which side is the front, I put a pretty piece of washi tape, across the front of the binder clip.
No my sparring matches!!

I am so happy with this that I wanted to share it with other Snuggie lovers!

#2.  I am a note writer.  I have to write things down pretty much the instant I think of them or VROOOOM, the thought is gone!

I was in the kitchen and needed to write something down, I went to another cabinet that I keep note pads in and picked up a Post it Note(TM)  pad.

It is the standard size pad, and guess what????????  It was the exact fit for sticking to the inside of my kitchen drawer!  I took the back off of it and stuck it on the inside side of the drawer.

It has came in quite handy.  I jot something down, then stick it or use a magnet to stick it to the fridge until such a time comes when I can add it to my note application on my phone.  Love it!

I hope 1 or both of this tips will be useful to you!
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These tips and tricks first appeared on Dragonfly Tales.