Saturday, October 31, 2015

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Review + Video


We get to turn our clocks back tonight!  One extra hour of sleep.  Yeh, right!  I don't know why, but each time we  "fall back"  or "spring forward", it messes with my sleep for about 3 days.  

Well, that has nothing to do with my review.  :)

Today we are reviewing a non-contact infrared thermometer.
It is capable of measuring body temp, surface temp and room temp.
One has the option of C of F degrees.
It is quite easy to operate and batteries are included.

It also comes with a bag to keep it in.  

This is great to use when one has sick family members, because the thermometer doesn't actually have to touch the individual, so there is less chance of spreading germs.

Watch the video for more info on how easy this is to use.  :)

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer  may be purchased on Amazon.

Wishing Much Love and Happiness to you All


I received this product at a deeply reduced rate in exchange for my review.  I receive no other compensation.