Monday, November 2, 2015

You don't have to be a pilot to love these AVIATOR sunglasses!


Are you aware that while outside, one should wear sunglasses year round?   Well... ya are now!  :)  

I tend to see more people wearing sunglasses in the summer than in the winter, but after doing some web research, I discovered one should protect their eyes from UV rays year round.

Choose sunglasses that have 99-100% UV protection.  Also, polarized sunglasses help deflect a lot of glare.

I asked to review these Polarized Aviator Sunglasses because, I knew they were Fabrizzios favorite type of glasses.  And, I made the mistake of telling him they were for him!  lol  

After I tried these on; I loved them!  They are very comfortable, lightweight, and 100% UV protection and polarized; well what more could one want?

company photo

Add to those facts that people tell me "you look good in those sunglasses," and I have myself a dilemma.  Cause, now I don't want to give them to Fabrizzio!  haaaa!  Decisions, decisions; stayed tuned to find out if I "play the bad" and keep them for myself, or will I be "a little angel" and turn them over!   :)

This is Haley, she helps me with reviews. Occasionally,  I like to get opinions  from someone younger or older than myself.   It gives my followers a little change up from just seeing me all the time.  :)

Aviator glasses were first introduced in 1936, they have had times of increased popularity throughout the years; depending on what movie star was seen wearing them, what movie they appeared in, and they had a big rise in popularity during the "hippie movement."

But, what does "polarized" mean.  "Polarized" sunglasses help reduce the glare one gets from sunlight reflecting off other objects. Objects such as:  water, road surfaces, and hoods of cars.  Making them the best choice for those who spend a lot of time on the water, or driving.

Plus, you look cool!  BONUS!!!  :)

Mirror Lens Polarized Aviator Sunglases  may be purchased on Amazon.

Wishing much Love and Happiness to you all!


* I received this product at a deeply discounted price in exchange for my review.  I receive no other compensation.