Thursday, October 15, 2015

Floldable Adjustable Lapdesk/ Laptop Table Stand Review


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Today we are reviewing  a..... you guessed it!  A laptop/tablet stand.

This stand has many great features.  It conveniently closes in to, making it easy to carry along.  Also,  this would work great in the car.

When it is opened, it MAY be too wide for some chairs.  But, one does not have to use it with the legs down.  Depending on where I am using it, I sometimes just sit it on my lap.

There are a lot of features packed into this desk.  The legs are adjustable to several different lengths, there is a mouse pad, and cup holder (just say No! haa!)  There is also a USB port and adapter that runs a fan on the desk to keep your laptop cooled down.  Why do they put the vents on the bottom of a computer anyway??  I have one with the vent on the side, that makes more sense.  But, when I use my laptop with the vent on the bottom, the fan comes in handy.

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There are a few things I would like to see changed with this desk.  There is no way to lock it to stay open; meaning when there is no laptop on it and one picks it up it folds down the middle.  Also, I haven't found a way to keep the legs folded up when I want to use it flat, so when I pick it up and legs drop down.  These are minor changes I would like to see.  I still enjoy using it, and like it better than I thought I would.  

I use this desk almost everyday.  It is very lightweight.  I feel it is a good investment.

Floldable Adjustable Lapdesk/ Laptop Table Stand may be purchased on Amazon.

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