Friday, October 23, 2015

Travel Security Kit + MY personal travel experience!


Welcome to another review from Dragonfly Tales.

I can tell you this product would have came in sooooo handy when I traveled to South America.

I recommend having this handy product anytime one travels, but especially when traveling outside your own country.  If you have never traveled internationally, trust me you have a lot of paper work you need to have available.

While traveling on a bus in SA, they had these "bus/people checks."  During these "checks" everyone has to get off the bus and may be asked to show their paperwork.  If you... "look very different"... from everyone else on the bus, chances are good you will be the one digging through your purse trying to find what they want to see. (I speak from experience!)   HAAA!  And, what a nerve wracking experience it was!

Next time, everything is going to be in this passport holder and I will feel a lot less stressed.  Probably the "checkers"  and other bus passengers will be less stressed too!  They want to "git 'er done" ASAP!   Blahaha!  And, yes I WAS always the hold up!  (It makes me giggle even now while writing this.)  Wellllll.... they were speaking to me in Spanish, and I no hablo espanol!  :)
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The passport holder has an adjustable strap, making it easy to carry this as a cross-body, or just around ones neck.  Even if one doesn't want to actually wear it, it is great for keeping everything organized.  I keep my passport in it even just at the house so I will know where it is.  

The money belt has two zippered compartments to keep currency separated or one could put other small papers, such as receipts in it.

The long tabs on the zipper pulls makes opening the zippers easy.  Especially for those that might have painful hands from arthritis or other ailments.

Do yourself ... and the "checkers".... a favor and order this today.  :)

Travel Security Kit  may be purchased on Amazon.

Wishing much love and happiness to you ALL!


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