Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I received Professional Nail Files, right in the "Nick" of Time! Plus, "my at home mani saga" continues!

Hi everyone!

We are having a great day here at Dragonfly Tales!  My friend and I are getting ready to head out to do some cosmetic shopping.  Wheeeee!    I love all the holiday items they bring out at Christmas!  

Since My First At Home Mani , which was February 2014, I have not touched cuticle cutters; ....until a few weeks ago.  

Well... you see, I had some hangnails, and that made me remember that I had "those cuticle cutters."  

I am being honest here when I say:  put a pair of cuticle cutters in my hand and I become "Vicki ScissorHands".  

I have hack marks on most of my fingers and  I'm not sure my thumb is going to survive, as I have barely been able to use it for 5 days. 

Seriously, in the event of a zombie attack a cuticle cutter will be my first line of defense!  Maybe you should consider getting one too!  :)

Now, I told you alllll that, so I could show ya this:

This is why I NEED Professional Nail Files!  I (thought) I was cutting my cuticle on the side of my finger.... but no I snapped the edge of my nail right off.  So then I tried to even up the top side and well I was left with that jagged mess you see there.  It was so sharp I think I could have used it to slit my own throat!  Blahahaha! 

When I first received 50 mini nail files, I thought  "50 files is a little over the top".  But, there are several convenient places to keep these mini nail files, and when we had a family gathering, I took some of them to share with others and no one turned me down.  I heard comments like; "oh, I always need a good nail file" and "I love the size of these".  So, yeh, the human race is crying out for a good nail file. ;)

I also think these would be great to include in a spa day party.  Or make up a nail care gift basket, (include cuticle cutters ONLY if you don't like the person you are gifting.)  :/

Here are a couple of pictures to show how much wider and thicker these files are compared to others I have.  The tan color file is NOT the professional one.  Ha!

I really like the grit of these files, they do a great job, and it's nice to share.

Mini Nail Files may be purchased on Amazon.

Wishing Much Love and Happiness to You All!


I was provided this product at little or not cost in exchange for my review.

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