Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The most HILARIOUS "auto-correct fail" text I have EVER received


Four days ago, I received a new phone.  I was really nervous about transferring my info from one phone to another.  

As I was making sure I correctly transferred everything I wanted, I found a message I had received from my granddaughter that was so funny, that I had saved it.

It made me laugh all over again!  :)

The scenario goes like this; she was around 13 years old and was camping with some family members in a remote location.  She is a girl that is use to the finer things in life and is not big on "roughing" it.  LOL

Here is an actual screen shot of the text she sent me when I texted her to see how things went.

I read and re-read that text, and finally had to reply, "Huh?"

Auto correct gave me a huge laugh that day!

Here is how the text should have appeared:

There is no "phone" service, we "ate" pancakes every morning, no makeup, no people that are actually your age, no nothing.

I find both texts amusing!  Ya gotta love her!!!!!  

Maybe turning "off" auto-correct would be a wise choice. Ha!

Have you sent/received any funny auto-correct texts?  Please share!!  The world needs more smiles!

Wishing much Love and Happiness to you all!


*The most HILARIOUS "text fail" I have EVER received first appeared on Dragonfly Tales