Saturday, February 7, 2015

The MANY uses of Indian Healing Clay


I hope you are doing well!  I have had a virus/flu thing for 3 days and I'm about tired of it!  

Have you ever heard of Bentonite Clay, also known as Indian Healing Clay?  I never had before I was sent a jar for review.  When I read all it can do, I was like "Wow, this stuff will cure what ails ya."  :)

Company picture

I always save masks and spa treatment stuff for when Haley comes over, it is easier to take pictures of someone else then to try to take them of oneself.  Plus, she is a major skin care fanatic, so everybody's happy!

This comes in powder form and one simply adds water.  As you will see in the following pictures, we made it a little too thick.  I definitely needed to add more water, but... well the first time using anything is kinda like a practice run!  

I told Haley she looked like a stone teiki face.  We had loads of fun and laughed a lot, until the mask started drying, then she is like; "I cat mooove my wips."  ha!

She said she could feel her neck pulling up, and her lips felt fuller.  She also noticed a pulsating on her face, which is normal.

This is after the mask had dried, I think her lips do look fuller!  She had a reddened area on her face before the mask, after washing the mask off, the spot was noticeably lighter.  She said, "my face feels really soft" after we got the mask washed off.  

There are many uses for this clay, some of them include soothing cuts, bug bites and bee stings.  

I would loved to have had this when that family of mosquitoes feasted on my foot one night in Ecuador.  So definitely something to take when travelling or camping.

Indian Healing Clay may be purchased on Amazon.



A sample was provided in exchange for my honest review, I received no other form of compensation.