Sunday, February 22, 2015

Precision Digital Milligram Scale for Jewelry,Gems, Mail


How are you today?  I ventured out in about 4 inches of snow this morning to clean off my car and let it run for a little while.  I know many of you have much more snow than that, but that is plenty for someone as klunky as me!  I can fall on a flat surface, so I literally take my life in my own hands on slick snow!  :)

Todays review is something that comes in quite handy for those that are looking to buy or sell jewelry.  This small scale is quite accurate and assures that one is getting what they are paying for, or selling.

It is small enough to carry in a purse.  It comes with with calibration weights to ensure it is calibrated to the correct weight.

company photo
It has a very nice LED display, and can measure up to 20 grams.

This is also good for checking to see if a letter one is mailing may need extra postage.

Units of measure are:  g/oz/ct/ozt/dwt and gn.

Precision-milligram scale may be purchased on Amazon.



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