Sunday, April 6, 2014

"O" is for OZERI! Serafino Glass Review

Hi!  I hope today finds you well and happy!  I slept really good last night, which is not always the case, and whew what a difference sleeping good makes in the way one feels in the morning!  I almost feel like I can make it through the day with out a nap... but prolly not.. because I love taking naps!  ha!  Dad always says taking a nap is like "taking a trip without leaving the farm".  It is kinda like a little get-away.

I also woke feeling happy because today was the day I had decided to try out my new  Serafino Double Wall Insulated Drinking Glasses by OZERI

These are the most wonderful-est glasses I have ever owned!  And, I'm gonna tell ya why.  When I make my coffee in the morning, I like to make 3 cups.  That is too much for most of my coffee cups, so I usually put it in a glass, but owwwie, the glass is quite hot to hold  But, not this morning!  I put my coffee in my double walled OZERI glass and no burning fingers from a hot glass.  It was nothing short of awesome! 

These come two in a pack, so I keep one in the freezer, and one for coffee.  I am not an ice user because..well there is the watering down thing.. but the main reason is.. and it is kind of gross.  But, here goes;  a friend told me that when they cleaned out their ice machines at work they sometimes find dead fishing worms and other bugs in the machine.  ACCKK and gag me with a spoon.  Therefore-after, I have ordered my drinks with no ice.  Food for thought; right? 

Another thing that I like about these heat resistant, mouth-blown borosilicate glasses is they are wide at the rim.  I have had glasses  that narrow at the top and that makes absolutely no sense to me at all.  

These glasses are microwave and freezer safe, and come with a one year warranty.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  

One can tell from the pictures that they are contoured which makes them comfortable to hold.  

I want my readers to know that I do have family members that make purchases based on my reviews, so I do not recommend items lightly.  I really feel that one cannot go wrong with the purchase of these glasses.  And, as with all OZERI products I have reviewed, they are top notch quality. 

These are a brand new launch and I'm happy to have been part of the test group.

One may purchase these "oh I need these" glasses at AMAZON