Saturday, May 30, 2015

Grocery Store Help For Gluten Free Items


How are you doing?  Really!  Feel free to let us know!  Misery loves company!  Blahaha!!

Speaking of misery... a lot of people seem to be finding out that their belly pain is due to being gluten intolerant.  I, like you, know people personally who are affected with this disease.  

It can be difficult to host parties when one has a gluten free friend, because if one is not use to cooking gluten free, it can be confusing as to what to purchase for said friend.

This book makes it a lot easier!

company photo

It contains over 50,000 gluten free items and brands.

It is conveniently separated into categories with color coding.  It also shows what the symbols on gluten free foods mean.

This is an invaluable book to those shopping for gluten free products.  

This is also available as an e-book.  Which would be handy to have at the grocery store.  But, I would definitely want the paper back book also to go through and mark items of interest.

This would be a very nice gift to give a GF friend.  Or, as I said it is great for everyone to own when they are preparing food for a friend with dietary restrictions.

Learn more about Triumph Dining GF products by visiting their WEBSITE

Essential-Gluten-Free-Grocery-Guide may be purchased on Amazon.



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