Tuesday, January 21, 2014


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Today I will be playing the part of an amateur news reporter. :)

One of the newer exercise trackers to hit the market  is the "Fitbit Force".   

This device is worn on the wrist, it keeps track of ones movements, sleep patterns, and one can log what they eat into it.  It is waterproof.   It can even wake the wearer up in the morning, by vibrating on their arm.  

The results of one's exercise, or lack thereof, is  wirelessly sent to their computer and/or smart phone, where they can see graphs showing how well  they are keeping up with the Jone's   meeting their goals.

I don't even wear a watch, because I can't tolerate something always on my arm.  Having a watchdog strapped to me is not my idea of fun either!  But, that is just me.  

Anyway, it turns out that some people are reporting, rashes, blisters and  burning pain at the site of the "Fitbit Force"

Hmm, let me see.... one never takes it off, they sweat, swim, shower and sleep in this "elastomer" material that fits kind of snuggly around the wrist.  I would be more inclined to wonder why I wasn't developing a rash!  Even a tight wide band ring on my finger can give me a red irritated, itchy area. (Which I attribute to getting water under it and not drying it off.)

The pictures I viewed (of the "Fitbit" rash) looked pretty nasty, there were concerns about permanent scarring, and I can see why.  

In response to these reports "Fitbit" released this statement: 

“As with any jewelry or watch, numerous factors could cause a skin irritation, such as nickel sensitivity (surgical stainless steel is an alloy containing traces of nickel), reactions to bacteria that can accumulate in wristbands, or a sensitivity to the material of the band elastomer,” 

Reviews on Amazon are mixed with one reviewer stating that the "Fitbit Force" reported they walked 260+ steps in their sleep....hmmmm I wonder if they ate while they slept too?  That could really throw one's charts off!  Ha!

If you are a "Fitbit" wearer, just be aware of this potential problem.  It has required some people to have to go to their Dr. for oral steroids, because over-the-counter steroid creams did not alleviate the blistering rash.

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