Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Easily switch up your look with the SWITCH BELT


Fabrizzio and I spent the holidays in Ecuador, it was the first year I have been away over Christmas / New Years.  And, although it was different, it was still good, and the decorations were quite pretty where we stayed.  And, as always, his family was gracious and kind and that really is what Christmas means to me.

Like most of his family, Fabrizzio has a small waist, finding a belt is not always easy.  But, we found the perfect solution with *The Switch Belt.

They come in 14 different colors. Buy several different colors and interchange the buckles to co-ordinate an outfit, or even your favorite sports teams colors!

They come attractively packaged in a reusable plastic case. 

The end that can be cut to fit is clearly marked.  Remember, measure twice, cut once!  Cuz, once you cut it, there ain´t no puttin´   it back together!

I admit I am impressed with how dressy this belt looks,  I was kind of leery of a plastic-waterproof belt, but we are both pleased with the way the belt looks and fits.  I have found that leather belts can look a little worse for wear after awhile, but I think this belt will stay looking nice,

SWITCH BELT may be purchased on Amazon.

Wishing Much Love and Happiness to you All!


I was provided this product at little or no cost in exchange for my review.