Monday, August 3, 2015

Using the Oversized FlexiKold Gel Pack for Pain


We are having a major thunder storm.  I love it!  I love seeing the sky lit up with lightening.  And the thunder rolls....

I am going to complain a little here.  I try not to think about it, but I have a lot of pain.  I have had several surgeries, 3 broken bones and fibromyalgia.  I truly have pain from my toes to my neck.  Waahh, I know.  :(   Now, I am not truly complaining to you, but you need to know where I am coming from for this review.

Some people collect figurines; I collect ice packs!  I know for sure I have seven in the freezer right now and there could be more!  A lot more if one counts all the bags of frozen veggies.  Ha!

There have been some nights that I have went to bed with an ice pack on one part of my body and a heating pad on another part.  Yeh, I'm a real fun girl!

Needless to say, I was really happy to be chosen to review the Oversized FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack.  

company photo

This is the largest gel pack I have ever owned.  It covers my whole back area.  It is awesome!

It is thin enough that it is comfortable to lay on, and also it can be wrapped around my lower leg where I have residual pain from a broken tibia, that required 2 surgeries; one to put a plate and screws in and one to take them back out 3 years later.  I so wish I had had this pack when all that was going on, because it was really difficult trying to keep a smaller ice pack in place.

This gel pack gets very cold and stays cold for a good while.  One thing to keep in mind when using a cold pack is:  it is recommended to only apply the cold pack for no more than 20 minutes at a time.  Always keep a cloth between your skin and the pack.  

I know with any surgery I have had, the first thing I was told to do was apply an ice pack.  When I worked as a surgical RN, we put ice packs on our surgery patients while they were still in the recovery room, so if you have a surgery coming up, you for sure want to have this gel pack in the freezer waiting for you.

Natracure has several different types of hot/cold packs.  I encourage you to check out the wide variety they offer.

One can benefit from using a cold pack after exercising, injury or surgery.  They work to decrease inflammation and swelling.

The Oversized FlexiKold Gel Pack may be purchased on the NatraCure web site.

Wishing Much Love and Happiness to you all!


I was provided this product in exchange for my review.  I received no other form of compensation.