Thursday, June 25, 2015

Do you enjoy painting?


I love arts and crafts stuff!  I like having things on hand, even if I am not going to use it right away.  I never know when I might be baby sitting my grandkids, and they expect to be entertained!  

What I do most with my grandkids is paint.  I also did this with my kids and still have some of the paintings each child has made.  

company photo

Santa Fe Art Supply sent me an awesome assortment of paint brushes, suitable for all kinds of paint.  They come in a nice carrying case and it even sits up for easy brush removal.  (There was a slight smell from the case, I talked with the company about it, it might need to be aired out for a few days.)

This set includes flat, round, filbert, fan and wide brushes in varying sizes.  Also a bonus brush for detail work.

With the 12 inch handles, these would be great for working on a painting on an easel.  

No, I am not a great painter, I do good to draw a semi straight line, but that is not what painting is about.  It's about expressing oneself, and it doesn't have to be pretty, but having the right tools makes it easier!

Paint Brush Set may be purchased on Amazon.

Wishing you much love and happiness!


I received this item for free in exchange for my review, I received no other form of compensation.