Friday, March 20, 2015

Everyone Needs One!


Well, spring lasted all of 2 days here in Ohio!  Two days of 64 degrees and then BAM back to 40 degrees.  It is enough to make one not want to get their hopes up!  But, life goes on, and so must we.  :)

Todays review is a product that every household would benefit from owning.

It is the LED Headlamp Flashlight by Aennon.

This light fits comfortably on ones head, allowing for hands free lighting.  It is quite bright, with a high beam and a low beam.

To me, headlamps beat a regular flashlight in most situations.  
I gave a headlamp to my 5 year old grandson, and he LOVED it.  His dad, even tried to talk him out of it!  Ha!

This headlight also comes with a RED light, which I feel would be ideal if one was in an emergency situation.

This product comes with batteries, and that is a big plus to me.

It is easily adjustable to ones head.

I keep mine near my bed, so if the electric goes off at night, I'm not stumbling around in the dark.  I'm not all that graceful with the lights on!

Really who couldn't use one of these?  

LED headlamp may be purchased on Amazon.



I was provided this product in exchange for my review, I received no other form of compensation.