Thursday, July 9, 2015

Essential Oil Inhaler Tubes are great for on-the-go!


My goodness with it being the middle of the year, people are already posting how many days until Christmas!  It's enough to make me wanna crawl under the covers and hide!  Thank goodness I have discovered the awesomeness of essential oils to aid in de-stressing!

Aroma therapy has been around for like.... forever... and these inhalers make a great portable way to enjoy ones essential oils.

These tubes come in 3 parts, a lid, a wick, and a tube for holding it all together!  

One simply applies their oil of choice to the wick, inserts it into the tube and pops a lid on.  

An example as how I use these is:  apply peppermint essential oil to the wick, and if I feel a headache coming on, I can use the inhaler.

This does not go into ones nose!  There are little holes that let the fragrance escape from the wick.  So, you just take a whiff.  :)

The wicks will eventually dry out and oil will need to be replaced.

Essential-Aromatherapy-Breathing-Naturally-Refillable Inhalers maybe purchased on Amazon.  They come 12 to a pack.

Wishing Much Love and Happiness to you all!


I was provided this product in exchange for my review.  I received no other form of compensation.