Saturday, April 13, 2013

Trevor says,,,

Trevor is my 3 year old Grandson, he is the spitting imagine of his Dad.  It is kind of like watching Sundance grow up again!

He is an ornery, but very sweet little boy.  For instance; I babysat him one day because he wasn't feeling well.  When I walked over to the couch where he was laying, he raised his head and in this tiny little voice said "Thanks for coming".  LUMP in throat!

I was travelling with my Son and his wife.  Trevor and I were in the back seat.  It was a long trip and he started getting fussy, he wanted out of his car seat.  I reached over to him and said "Calm down, Skippy".
And, he cracked up!  He started saying Skippy over and over, he even called his Dad Skippy.  You may be wondering why I called him Skippy.  My Grandpa called me Skipper so I just changed it up for a boy. :)

Another time I was watching him, when he wasn't feeling well.  And, he said "Call me Skippy today".  Ha!
So, of course, I called him Skippy all day and he would always laugh.  That same day, he was laying at one end of the couch and I was sitting at the other end and he said "I need you Mim".  I said "Well then you better come down here and sit on my lap".  I held him for four hours while he slept.  It was four hours well spent.  I got to kiss his little face, and hold his hand while he slept.  And, when a little child says, I need you.  It is a genuine feeling. It made me feel good to know that I was needed.

Now I do not advocate little kids saying bad words, but when they hear bad words every day, they are going to repeat them.  Here are a couple of bad word episodes I've had with Trevor.

We were playing with his plastic guns, the one I was using, broke.  He said "you broke my gun". He starts pacing back, shaking his head "I.. can't ..believe.. you ..broke.. my.. freakin'.. gun.... dammit"  I about busted a gut over how indignant he was about me breaking that gun.  LOL

Another bad word episode is; we were travelling again, and with a twinkle in his eye he leaned over towards me and whispered  "bullsh*t".  I said "Trevor you shouldn't say bad words".  He said "bullsh*t".  His Mom said "Trevor if you don't stop saying bad words, you aren't going to get to ride grandpa's 4 wheeler".  Trevor said "Bullsh*t, I'll ride the tractor!"  I had to turn my head away, so he couldn't see me cracking up.  He's just so witty and quick on the draw!

Do you have any child or grandchild stories?